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                                                        Website Quality Assurance Procedures

1. Production Team Leader will create a Job Order requesting for Quality Assurance (QA) on a finished project (as much as possible the website should have been already populated). The Job Order request must contain the following details:

       -	Website package (Standard or E-commerce package)
       -	QA checklist path (respective cerebro folder)
       -	Website and control panel link and credentials

2. Production Team Leader will send an email with attached QA checklist to Quality Assurance and CC to Ms. Gladys Cancino and assigned Digital Marketing Consultants.

       CC:, [assigned Digital Marketing consultant]
       SUBJECT: “Company Name” Quality Assurance [Ex: WebFocus Solutions Quality Assurance]
              Hi Ma’am,
                   Please see the attached file for GUI, design and functions (if the project is an e-commerce) checklist.
             Thank you.

Domain name-QA-GUI (webfocus-QA-GUI) Domain name-QA-Design (webfocus-QA-Design) Domain name-QA-Functions (webfocus-QA-Functions)

3. The Sales Admin Associate will notify the Quality Assurance team through email and Skype that there is a new JO for Quality Assurance.

             Loritas Medina
             Olivet Vivas

4. The QA specialist will proceed in QA testing (initial QA timeframe is maximum of two (2) days then QA adjustment result is within working hours). The QA specialist will update the document containing the results on the cerebro in respective project folder (under quality assurance folder) and post a new discussion on JO if the testing is PASSED or FAILED.

      -	If the result is PASSED, the QA specialist will check if the project is Standard or E-commerce Package. 
      o	If Standard package, the website is ready for live upload and the QA specialist will update the JO.
      o	If E-commerce package, the project will scan using the Acunnetix for vulnerability testing.
      -	If the result is FAILED, the QA specialist will post a discussion on JO and inform the Production team leader.

5. The e-commerce project will proceed to vulnerability testing.

      -	If the result is PASSED, the project is ready for upload and QA specialist will update the JO.
      -	If the result is FAILED, QA specialist will post a discussion on JO and save the PDF file in 
       \\\Data Files\team leaders\Reports\Accunetix Scan Reports\WSI Created Websites (orion folder) and inform the production team leader.

                                                           Website Quality Assurance Flowchart

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