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1. Job Description:
The web consultant's responsibilities are:
1. To represent the company by offering all of the company's services to prospective clients.
2. To bring in a minimum required sales per month.
3. To ensure quality solutions that's relevant to the client's needs.
4. To service ongoing projects.
5. To maintain an ongoing customer relations with existing customers.

2. Skills and Knowledge Requirement:
The position of web consultant is the most integral, difficult, and the most rewarding of all positions in WebFocus. The skills needed to become a successful web consultant are varied. Basically, a web consultant must perform all of the following:

Selling: A web consultant must be a master of selling-to seek out clients to offer the company's services

Consultancy: A web consultant must be an expert in business analysis and I.T. solutions. He or she must able to analyze business models and determine solutions that best fit the client's needs.

Project Management: A web consultant must be skilled in managing complex web projects and meeting deadlines.

Customer Service: A web consultant must be service-oriented-going the extra-mile to please clients.

a. Knowledge Requirements
1. Internet Solutions (technical)
2. Business analysis

b. Skills Requirements
1. Selling Skills
2. Project Management Skills
3. Communication Skills (listening, understanding, presenting)

c. Character Requirements
1. Desire to learn selling and technology
2. Hardworking
3. Self-motivated
4. Goal-oriented
5. Disciplined, orderly
6. Persevering despite difficulties
7. Loyalty to the company
8. Positive Attitude

d. Transportation Allowance:
All transportation-related cost with regards to going to clients, attending exhibits, and other company related selling activities are reimbursable. Please refer to the transportation reimbursement policies for details.

e. Minimum Sales Activity Requirements:
Minimum sales activity requirements are the objective ways we can evaluate the performance of a web consultant:

1. Minimum Sales quota per month:
Probation Status:
4 clients x P30,000/per project = P 100,000 a month
or equivalent total amount.

Regular Status:
5 clients x P30,000/per project = P 150,000 a month
or equivalent total amount

2. Minimum 1st Presentations per month:
Aside from the sales quota, a web consultant must be able to present to at least do a first presentation to 6 new clients a month-this is just a minimum. The number 6 represents a reasonable requirement especially when a web consultant has so many ongoing projects to handle in a month. (Most certainly a new web consultant can probably do thrice than that). These requirements are to ensure adequate new sales in the coming months.

f. Sales Reports:
Sales reports are generated from goldmine, required reports are:
1. List of clients and updated contact type
2. Sales Forecast for the month
3. Completed daily activities
4. Completed monthly sales

g. Probationary Period:

A new web consultant is subject to a probationary period to test his or her abilities, and compatibility with the company culture-based on performance. This probationary period would cover minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 5 months-depending on their performance.

h. Attendance:
A web consultant is required to come to the office at 8:30 am from Monday to Friday unless the web consultant has to proceed to a client (in which case, an attendance slip must be filled out the following day for approval). After reporting, they can leave the office anytime they wish.

Saturdays are reserved for training and web consultants are required to report to the office, unless waived by the sales manager.

Web consultants are required to inform the Sales Manager should they have to be absent-whether in advance or during the day. Subsequently, an attendance slip must be filled out afterwards for approval.

In general, after a web consultant reports at 8:30 am, they are in charge of their time, as to how to spend the rest of their day. But the assumption is that they are pursuing company-related activities. It is quite normal for web consultant to spend some few minutes a day to do personal things like going to the bank etc, but web consultants are expected to honestly report if they will have to do some personal matters for an extended period (ex. 2 to 3 hours) during the day, of which they are to file for an under time.
Lateness and absences have their corresponding penalties. Refer to the company manual for their exact rates.