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Web development is involved in developing a website for the internet. Web Development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications or electronic business.

The scheduling

Granting that the materials are already completed, request for a web development schedule varies, depending on the department’s work load. Meanwhile, programmers are gaged on the number or working hours they spend on a given project. The shorter the time they consume on finishing their project the efficient they are.

Types of web development project

There are two common types of web project:

  • Web Development. A web development project is an entirely new project from a client. It covers web design, html page encoding, quality assurance testing and uploading. Some projects that already have web design but needs web backend / front end programming may fall as web development project.
  • Web Piecemeal. A web piecemeal project may include:
    • update of static page content (text, photos, videos, graphs, etc)
    • Additional content management system / prebuilt application, like news manager, product manager, mailing list, etc.
    • Graphic or design related project, like change of web design color, theme, presentation, layout, flash revision, flash intro, etc. considering that the web site is previously developed / designed by WebFocus Solutions.
    • Customized web-based applications, like social networking site, job listing manager, etc. which their previous website was developed by WebFocus Solutions.

Prebuilt CMS

Webfocus offers different pre-built CMS (Content Management System) created and modify by former and current programmers. This said CMS programs are stored in module library which also serve as the CMS demo. The structure of the said library is created to be user friendly for easy gathering of source codes and prompt website application.
The said module can still be modify by the programmer in case of some customization on the CMS avail by the client. Changes on the said module will be disclose by the project coordinator or web consultant during project turnover.
Below are the list of CMS offered and its functionality.

  1. Standard Web Development Package (One-time payment only)

    A web content management system (WCMS) lets non-technical users update their website content without learning any HTML or programming. Update your website instantly with our Standard Package.
    Features and Limitations: Website Categories and Content

    • Simple interface means less user training time
    • Cross-Browser WYSIWYG Editor
    • Upload and position images with the WYSIWYG Editor
    • Photos are zoomed in with the jquery prettyPhoto technology
    • With publish option that lets you hide content that's still in progress - then set as published to instantly make it public.
    • Manage Main Categories
    • Manage Sub Categories
    • Can create up to 8 main categories
    • Maximum of 16 characters per category name
    • Unlimited subcategory (depends on template design)
    • Unlimited number of articles per category (depends on template design)
    • With password protected login screen and remember username/password functionality
    • Analytics with Google (Provides insight into your audience & user activity)
    • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter integration
    • Population of actual content is to be done by the Client.
    • Template base Web Design

Note: Web Design is patterned after a template design. Kindly visit: http://template.webfocus.ph
Design Structure: below is the conceptual web site map:


Main Category:
Out of 8 main possible categories, only one is non-removable (Contact Us). A user may re-label each 8 categories but should not exceed its character to 16, including apostrophe, comma, period or spaces.
Each main category will have the following details:

  • Category name – maximum of 16 characters

Note: A removed main category would erase its subcategories and articles.

Each main category may have unlimited sub categories, depending on the user’s preference. Each sub category will have the following details:

  • Sub category name

A sub category may be only shown in a specific main category only. The created sub category links appears on the left side of the body section in the main category page.

An article is a written composition that the user would like to post in the website. It may be the company profile, company vision or mission, or company news. An article can have the following details:

  • Main category
  • Sub category
  • Article Name (Title)
  • Date of posting
  • Content – with WYSIWYG editor
  • One field for file upload – .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt,.pptx

Banner/Master Head Banner Manager

  • Can upload banners (main and sub)preferably in .jpg, .swf and .png formats
  • If .jpg and .png format is uploaded, the default animation is jquery coin slider with ability to add up to ten (10) photos.
  • If .swf format is uploaded the default animation is flash and only one file is allowed to be uploaded.

Contact Us Manager:

  • Editable office address
  • Editable phone number
  • Google Map base location map (editable)
  • With one (1) electronic form and fixed form fields – Name, Visitor’s e-mail, Subject, Message and Security Code (CAPTCHA)
  • Editable email recipient on electronic form

Try the Online Demo here: http://andromeda.wsiph.com:83/projects/standardpackage/www