WebFocus Inquiry and Leads Turnover Penalties

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WebFocus Inquiry and Leads Turnover Penalties

Below are the rules and penalties for mishandling / not handling inquiries on time.

1. 4 hour window policy:
Once an inquiry / lead have been turned over to a Web Consultant (webcon), that webcon will have up to 4 hours to respond to that inquiry. If the webcon fails to do so, a warning shall be given and the inquiry will be turned over to another webcon available on the queue.

2. If an inquiry / lead has been turned over while the webcon is on field duty, the 4 hours window to respond to the inquiry will start once the webcon arrives in the office.

3. 1 business day policy:
Inquiries must be handled the same day the webcon arrives at work. This will overrule the 4 hour window policy. This means that if the webcon arrives at work at 4:30 in the afternoon and receives an inquiry turned over to her while she was on field duty, s/he must respond to that inquiry and not forego it to the next working day.

4. For inquiries turned over while the webcon is at the office, s/he will be allowed the 4 hour window policy up to the next business day. As long as the total time taken before the inquiry is handled will not take more than 4 hours.

5. All rules above apply to both email and phone inquiries.

6. If a webcon will not be able to personally handle the inquiry within the allotted time (4 hour window and the one business day policy), s/he must turn over the inquiry to the next webcon on queue. Otherwise, a warning will be given to that webcon.

7. Once a warning has been given to any webcon regarding an inquiry mishandling, repeated mistakes will incur a red ticket to that webcon.

8. Depending on the nature of the inquiry, the Sales Manager reserves the right to skip the queuing system as long as the next inquiry fills in the skipped slots.

9. If a webcon is absent/tardy/has not informed the Sales Manager regarding a field work, s/he will be skipped on the queuing system.