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Monday – Thursday = Corporate / Semi formal attire

Men's = Shirts with collar or Polo, coat and slacks, formal shoes

Women = Knitted blouse, polo, long sleeve, decent shirts with or w/o collar , dress ,knee level skirts, slacks & formal shoes or hilled sandals.

Friday - Casual Attire

Shirts with collar and jeans, sneakers & sandals

Saturday – No dress code

Not allowed to wear during Monday to Friday:

- Mini Skirts, Shorts, Spaghetti Strap, Tubes, Sleeveless & Slippers

Area Policy

Office Area

1. No hanging of frames, poster, flayers, reports on your table.

2. Non-food item are only allowed to be thrown in the waste baskets.

3. Only bottled or tumblers with are allowed in the area.

4. The office door should be kept locked at all times

5. All glass partitions should not be touched by hands or any body parts used the door handle.

6. The blinds should be handed carefully when lowering or lifting the shades.

7. When operating office equipment (w/ alpha-numeric keypad) do not use your finger nails in entering the keys, rather use the skin part at the tip of your finger.

Pantry Area

1. Only place for eating and drinking.

2. Food items can be only thrown in a waste basket located in pantry area.

3. Clean the utensils after using it and properly arrange on the shelf or cabinet.

4. Use the plastic cover when using the microwave and wipe off any excess liquid or residue after use.

5. Clean the sink if its dirty, wipe off the dirt in food counter and floor after eating.

6. Before washing, wipe off all food leftovers and throw it in the food-only waste basket.

Departmental Area

1. The team leader is responsible for overall cleanliness and proper use.

2. Each department have a non-food waste baskets.

3. Each team member is responsible for his/her workstation.

4. Avoid hitting or kicking the edges of the tables, chairs , walls and filling cabinets.

5. Avoid sitting on the table and never lean on it.

6. Always close the cabinet before leaving.

7. Always keep your workstation clean before leaving

Conference Area

1. Before using the room, a reservation should made at Customer Care.

2. After each use, the room should be cleaned and arranged in its proper order.

Comfort Room

1. Proper disposal of the toilet paper and other sanitary materials inside the trashcan.

2. Strictly do not throw and flush toilet paper inside the water closet to avoid blockage.

3. Do not step on the toilet bowl. Wipe it all the times after each use.

4. Maintain the dryness inside the wash room area.

5. The water heater should be turn-off after each use.

6. Turn off the light when not in use.

Telephone Usage

1. The telephone lines at WebFocus Solutions, Inc. must remain open for business calls and to service our customers. Employees are requested to discourage any personal calls - incoming and outgoing - with the exception of emergency calls. No long distance calls are to be made on company phones which are not strictly business related. Phones are available for personal outgoing/incoming calls during breaks or meal periods.

2. To ensure effective telephone communications, employees should always use the approved greeting and speak in a courteous and professional manner. Please confirm information received from the caller, and hang up only after the caller has done so.

AC Usage

Only authorized can operate the 3 centralized AC units and 1 split-type AC unit.

- AC#1 (centralized) covers the production, customer care, and Webfocus sales areas.

- AC#2 (split-type) covers the technical support area.

- AC#3 (centralized) covers the reception, conference, and accounting areas.

- AC#4 (centralized) covers the GM, Servobox sales, and technical support areas.

- The settings of the centralized air-conditioner should be set at 25 degrees or higher depending on the weather condition, low fan speed, and at ECONOMY mode.

- The split-type AC#2 will be opened from 6:00pm to 1:00pm of the following day, Mondays through Saturdays. On Sundays and Holidays wherein no one will be working, it will be opened at all times.

- The centralized AC#4 will be opened from 1:00pm to 5:30pm, Mondays through Saturdays noon.

- The centralized AC#1 and AC#3 will be opened from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Mondays through Saturdays noon.

- On other days and times that the AC will be opened, an approval from the team leaders or Assistant Operations Manager must be required.

- The cleaning of the AC units should be scheduled according the manufacturer’s guidelines or whenever it is deemed necessary.

Music Playing

From Mondays through Fridays, from 8am to 6pm, the Sound Amplifier will be turned on. It will be turned off after 6:00pm. Only slow and easy listening music under the category of NEW AGE, JAZZ & MELODY are allowed to be played.

The songs can be in any language. The play mode is set to SHUFFLE. Songs that are to be included in the playlist must be reviewed & approved first by “music supervisor” before it can be uploaded. Each team member is only allowed a certain number of songs in the playlist.