Turn Over Accounts Guidelines

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Turn Over Accounts Guideline


1, To utilize our strengths; and provide better support and service to our Clients
2,Maximizing the value of shared services; by cross selling
3,Generate sales from existing clients through ad-on, referrals and Doc Pedro


1 Distributions of office accounts to Sales Consultant starting 70 accounts per consultant
2 Contact info update, processing of contract and others doc should be email to respective department (CSR,Billing and Tech)
3 Same company name and signatory is consider as new sales
4 Renewal and upgrades is not included to new sales

Sales Consultant Duties:

1. Sales consultant should update the v-tiger once they receive the list of turn over accounts.
2. Sales consultant should email/call the turn over accounts notifying that there the new assigned consultant.
3. Sales consultant can penetrate this accounts to generate NEW sales from Ad on, referrals and Doc Pedro
4. Sales consultant should use this network to build and add more accounts
5. Sales consultant are liable for negotiation of cancellation accounts and onsite meeting regarding cancellation concerns, this is to maintain the number of clients assign to each consultants, also an opportunity to build rapport with this clients.
6. Sales consultant will turn over all technical and none sales related concern to support group that includes Billing, technical, and CSR by creating initial ticket or email.
7. Sales consultant should update the v-tiger for all of the ticket created and other concern related to their accounts.