Telemarketing Skills

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Telephone Pre-call Preparation

Prepare to be SUCCESSFUL

Note: Telephone Ring is an interruption

a. Always remember to smile :) - positive effect (radiates)
b. Speak softly but lively
c. Speak slightly faster
d. Name usage generates interest – start with Mr./Mrs.
e. Prospects like to be heard and understood
f. Keep the call positive by pointing out benefits
g. Give choices to generate sense of control (give alternatives)

Pre-call Preparations

1. Have a proper objective - try to get an appointment and not sell
2. Adjust and set attitude – focus on positive results (Make it fun and create a challenge)
3. Work your way down to your goals - i.e. From 30th list down to the 1st list
4. Put a bell in the office - positive productive people produce positive perception
5. Clean and clear your desk
6. Adopt a same physical posture as if they were sitting in front of you (put a mirror in front and project a smile)

Four (4) Parts of Presentation

1. Greeting
2. Questions to ask
3. Benefits of Appointment
4. Choice of Time and Day


1. Have an organized plan - start early
2. Arrange call geographically so we can make appointment geographically
3. Review phraseology you need to use
4. Use powerful words and not puny phrases
- Definite words – I know, I can't, and I’m sure
- Points with positive reflection
5. Identify in advance the benefits you can offer

TIP: Avoid drinking caffeine during calls

Telephone Call Structure

Reasons Why Can't Make Appointment

1. The client don't see how it benefit them
2. You are talking at them and not with them
3. Cannot establish convenient time with them
4. Cannot make connection with their need and our solutions


1. Greeting
– use formal name and identify your name
– be sure you acknowledge and understand

2. Build Rapport
– talk the same language
– ask questions: focused
– make sure you acknowledge their response

3. Clearly define benefits of making appointment
4. Offer and confirm a choice of appointment

a. positive and assertive
b. give choices that are congruent
c. make the decision easy
d. practice patient listening

Things to Keep in my Mind for Success

1. Sell value not cost
2. Stay Focused
3. If mailers can't be remembered, go on with the phone call.
4. Let them know that you have plenty of business in later time.