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Customer Care Objective:

Create a culture that is customer focused and that places a high value on delivering excellent Customer Service giving great credibility to the company.

Promote core values of customer service (courtesy, honesty, listening and understanding, taking ownership and quality service). Ensuring that each and every time the client contacts us, whether it is by phone, through email or in person, they will be treated with best effort.

Targeted Results:

A.) To be recognized as a company with excellent customer service.

B.) Increase satisfied clients and promote good word of mouth.

C.) Helping the clients to realize the worth of our service, eliminating price concerns and transfer options.

Expected Results:

  • Create a distinct understanding of a customer service with excellence;
  • Provide better and faster service;
  • Minimize complaints and gain customer satisfaction;
  • Minimize redundancy of same concern calls;
  • Gain client’s trust ;
  • Increase percentage of retention;
  • Decrease percentage of cancellation;
  • Retain company’s credibility for delivering excellent customer service;