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How to make R.R (receiving report)

Step 1: Go to Entries (right upper side)

Step 2: Go to Purchase/ AP Entry

Step 3: Go to Receiving / VP

(For shortcut just press CTL+R)

Step 4: Click add (Blue Button) For New Transaction to be made

Step 5: Click Non-Trade Purchase (This is the type of transaction that will are using all the time)

Step 6: Choose Manila as cost center

Step 7: Choose the Name of Supplier

Step 8: Type the amount of payment in gross amount

Step 9: Type the reason / details of the payment in remarks

Step 10: If all entries are correct click save Button on the upper right corner

Step 11: Asyst System will ask if the information is correct, click yes

Step 12: Add account name by clicking add button, choose account name and amount. Click the account type if its credit or debit

If the system generated inappropriate account name, to delete it just click the delete button.

Step 13: Double check all entries, if you have some changes then click the edit button and if all entries are correct you can now save the transaction.

Step 14: To print; click the button print on the upper portion. Click also the refresh button (Yellow zigzag line) to set-up the size of the paper.

Step 15: Click properties, Choose User-defined as document size, cick unit as mm and type the paper width 210 and paper height of 140. Click ok

Step 16: Always print it in A4 size, 2 copies and in crosswise size (side by side).