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Step 1 Leads Generation:

Refers to making, creating, or generating potential interest or inquiry from consumers or potential clients into your product or service

Sales Leads: generated through demographics; these leads are resold to multiple advertisers

Marketing Leads: generated through source mapping; these leads are sold only once Online Leads: generated through the internet.

  • New Clients: prospective clients who don’t have an existing website, domain, and hosting.
  • Transferred Clients: prospective clients who have an existing website, domain, and hosting.

Step 2: Telemarketing

  • Provides a more interactive and personal sale service
  • Creates an immediate bond with your clients
  • Explains technical issues more clearly
  • Generates leads and appointments
  • Sells from a distance to increase your sales territory
  • Reaches more clients than with in-person sales calls
  • Sells to both existing and new clients
  • Achieves measurable results

New call-outs: 15 per day
Follow-up calls: 15 per day
Refferal call outs: 10 per day

After each calls to our prospects, we send a
“Thank You” email to establish a good first impression and brand recall.

Input all necessary details to the V-tiger

Step 3 Appointment Setting

  • Get the date and time of the appointment, the complete address and landmark of the place.
  • Ask how many would attend the meeting, and ask for their designations.
  • Prepare yourself and your proposal. Do some research and review your client’s profile and concerns.
  • Input all the details in V-Tiger.

Step 4: Meeting Proper

  • Be punctual. Ask for your prospective clients’ comments and reactions about the meeting. This way, you can analyze and evaluate the meeting’s outcome.
  • Take note all of the necessary information you got from the meeting.
  • Should the client ask a complicated question and you are not sure with your answer, don’t make any commitments. Note the question(s) down and assure the client that you will raise the said question to your manager or the technical team regarding his concern.

Step 5: Contract Preparation

  • It must be printed in a legal-sized paper.
  • It must contain a footnote.
  • It must be under the right platform, correct specifications and with the corresponding contract amount.
  • Every page of the contract must be signed by the client and your team leader. It must be submitted along with the payment to the billing department.
  • If ever you don’t have the signed contract yet, please advise your team leader for approval of the conformè from Ms. Gladys.

Step 6: Collection

The client has 2 options for paying their account:
1. Deposit through our BDO Account
Account Name: WebFocus Solutions, Inc.
Account Number:707-800-3149

2. Or through pickup:
Either the collector or the sales consultant may pick up the payment. Should you need to ask our collector’s help, you must advice Ms. Maricar at least 1 day before the said collection date. Moreover, there is a “request sheet” provided which you may fill up with all the needed information that may aid our collector.
You may ask for Collection Schedule at Portal

  • Note: Should the consultant pick up the payment, he must have an OR

(official receipt) and PR (post-dated receipt) from the billing department.

Step 7 Job Order

New Clients

1.Create a 15-day trial for the client to view and study our control panel ,Create all the needed email accounts
2.Prepare the domain and web hosting contract
3.Prepare the statement of account and the original receipt
4. Input all the details in V-Tiger.

Requirements Job order
a. Domain registration
b. Domain pointing (for country-level
c. Hosting creation

Transferred Clients

  • Secure the domain name credentials, user name and password of the domain name
  • Domain must be unlocked and must be under public settings
  • Email must be backed up and email addresses must be re-created using the control panel, plus a website copy
  • Prepare a 15-day trial access to our control panel
  • Inform the client of a 24-48 hour domain propagation or downtime if ever there’ll be an ongoing pointing.
  • Make an email reminding the client of the domain’s pointing date and time preparation needed (for documentation purposes).
  • Input all the details in V-Tiger.

1. Domain registration / domain transfer 3. Hosting creation
2. Domain pointing 4. Website upload

After Sales Support

For Control panel Training, Email Set up for Third party Email Access, or any client meeting concern that needed to attend after sales. the Webhosting Consultant should have a walthrough Conforme which needed to fill out and sign by the client and the team leader.

The Walkthrough form are can be found at the sales folder under form.

Sales Flow.png