Request Procedure on Non-trade Admin IT Equipment

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For Technical

  1. The technical specification of the IT equipment to be purchased shall be requested by Technical in-charge using the Requisition slip. For the price, leave it blank.
    Send the email request to and cc:
  2. Validate the request by stating the reason of purchasing the equipment (e.g. replacement of defective due to wear and tear, obsolete, man-made damage etc..)
  3. Indicate the urgency of acquisition (exact date).

For Marketing

  1. Once the request is approved, call up the supplier for the negotiation of price and payment terms and availability.
  2. Upon successful deal, reply to the email request sent by Technical and inform Accounting to prepare the PO.
  3. Once the PO is prepared, fax it to the supplier if needed.
  4. Schedule the pick-up date and/or delivery.
  5. Prior the date of pick-up/delivery, check from Accounting if the payment is ready for release.