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The production department is given a test server for ongoing projects – Windows and Linux based. They are test server wherein the developers can do their respective projects.

The servers
Below is the short description of the servers

Name : Cerebro

Projects run in Windows and uses Windows-based scripting language – ASP, ASP.NET 2.0, Ms Access, MS SQL. All projects written on above mention languages is stored on this server. At the same time, all project materials and design (source) are stored on this server.

Address : \\cerebro\ProjectA\ProjectA\projects
Domain : (wherein projectname is the project folder)
Local IP :

Name : Cerebro (Library)

Directory wherein you can find department documents, design, stock photos, fonts, brushes and any other design tools.

Address : : \\cerebro\Data\lib
Local IP :

Name : Andromeda

Projects run in Linux and uses cross-platform language (PHP) that runs in MySQL database. Generally as soon as a project design has been sign off, the next phase which is programming will store the project on this server.

Address : \\andromeda\Projects\projects
Domain (wherein projectname is the project folder)
Local IP :

Name : Andromeda (phpMyAdmin)

A tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL with the use of a Web browser. It can perform various tasks such as creating, modifying or deleting databases, tables, fields or rows; executing SQL statements; or managing users and permissions.

Address : phpmyadmin/
Local IP :

Name : Monocerus

This server is used for scanning project for vulnerability. The software used to check website vulnerability is Acunetix. To access the said server you must use remote desktop and follow below credentials.

Local IP :
Username: production

Name : Orion

Server for personal files, web development contracts, Accounting, Sales, and etc. Each employee will be having a personal folder on this server with their corresponding names.

Address : \\orion\users
Local IP :

Name : Office Portal

This site is use to view/read company announcement, photos and etc. This website is also used to file Absent, OB, VL, SL, change of schedule and etc.


Name : PHP collab

Is an open source internet-enabled system for use in projects that require collaboration over the internet. This software is also used to monitor current project status and other activities.

Name : Hosting Control Panel

This site is used for project uploading wherein we can get clients FTP credentials for uploading and database uploading.

Domain :
Username: Please ask your immediate superior for the credentials
Password:Please ask your immediate superior for the credentials

Name : Design Questionnaire

This website is used to check clients prefer design and other instruction for their website.

Domain :
Username: admincp

The servers are managed and maintained by the Technical Team. In case a programmer or designer needs assistance setting up servers – test server or local server, they may seek help from a Tech support member (But please ask for your Team Leader’s approval before directing a Tech support member). Note: Having a local server from a programmer’s PC is allowed (http://localhost) for faster development, but the developer have to make sure that they must update it on the Cerebro or Andromeda server every time.
Naming Conventions and Structure

  • The Production team has a standard naming convention for files, folders, and even backing up. Folder name for project is derived from the domain name. Example is webfocusph (from The dot (.) is omitted. For file backing up, rename the existing file indicating the current date example : 02.07.13_filename.php

  • Project folder structure



    Source – inside the source folder you can see the graphic design files – psd (Photoshop). These files are usually supplied by the graphic/web designer.
    www – inside the www folder you can locate script and html files. Images used in the project folder are all inside ‘images’ folder, css are in ‘css’ folder, and ‘js’ are for javascript files.
    Note: creating a subfolder inside ‘images’ is advisable. Example: a folder ‘index’ for index page only, ‘aboutus’ for aboutus.htm, and so on.
    Revisions – all revision must be separate by folder naming their corresponding date of revision. Inside each folder is the full instruction and materials used on the indicated revision. Materials – all materials supplied by the client (which is represented by the Web Consultant) can be found here. Inside this folder you can find Sitemap folder (for sitemap of the project), images and docs (for write ups, notes and necessary images). This folder is usually updated by the web sales team.



    Connections – connection file for database connection is saved on this folder.
    ScriptLibrary – this folder contain files for anti-sql injection and global variable which is used on other website file.
    www – inside the www folder you can locate script and html files. Images used in the project folder are all inside ‘images’ folder, css are in ‘css’ folder, and ‘js’ are for JavaScript files.
    Admin – admin folder contain all files and codes used on administrator control panel. All file on this folder must be highly secured and clean.