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Project uploading is a process where project will be launched on its live domain. A project will be uploaded if the clients approved and signed the project signoff form . As soon as the said form is signed by the client, the project coordinator or web consultant will submit the form to the production manager. As soon as the production manager receive the signed off form, he/she will be giving the signal to the programmer in-charge to upload the corresponding project.

Below are the process on how to upload the project.

  1. Go to : and input the production credentials.
  2. Click on “By Domain Name” under Search Accounts.
  3. Input the domain name that you are looking for and hit the submit button.
  4. To get the FTP credentials of the domain click on the corresponding Account ID of the domain that you are looking for.
  5. After clicking the Account ID a tab will open showing the credentials of the domain.
  6. Click on The “Signup Info” to view the domain password.
  7. Phase above mentioned credentials on Filezilla to connect to its live server and upload website file.
    Note : Don’t forget to update contection.php and tsifunctions.php file for both client side and admin folder. Also don’t forget to create a Google analytics for the website and post the credentials on PHP Collab.
  8. To upload website database, click on the login icon on the right side of the corresponding domain.
  9. A new tab will open showing the default control panel page of the domain. Click on “phpMyAdmin” under Databases.
  10. Enable MySQL in case there is no database uploaded yet.
  11. Input the database Name of the project. The standard database name is the first seven letter of the domain and add _db. Click submit button to continue.
  12. Add MySQL user to the database by inputting username and password. Hit “Add User” then “Finish” button as soon as you complete your action.
  13. The database information will appear as soon as we complete the process. Make sure that you update your connection.php file according to the given live details before uploading.
  14. Click on the “Built in phpMyAdmin control panel” to open the phpMyAdmin and to upload the website database.