Pr-approach Before 1st Phone calls

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Pre-approach Before 1st Phone Call

What to do before calling the client?

1. Do a background check on the company?

• Although it's likely you don't know much about the company, at the very least get to know the basics.
• Check if they have an existing website, email, domain name.
• Check if their competitors have a website.

2. Have an idea on how a website can benefit the company.

• Try to imagine what benefits a website can do for their company.

3. Know who you should look for:

• The best is to have a name.
• If you don't have a name, best to ask who's in charge of marketing, etc. Different companies have different organizational set-up. Sometimes the person you will need to speak would be in marketing, MIS, purchasing, or even the general manager. Be sharp in sensing who you should be talking with.

4. Have a goal or an objective for the call:

• What's the purpose of your call? Is it to information about the company? Is it to ask for an appointment? Is it to make friends who can help you find the contact person?

5. Prepare a friendly and persuasive script:
• Before you attempt to call, always prepare what you are going to say. Never call unprepared and stutter your way-it's unprofessional and annoying. You should have something "powerful" and "convincing" to say. "Sir, I am very confident that when you see what I have to present, you will be very glad that you agreed to setup an appointment with me".