One Free Page Template Guideline

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One Free page Template Guideline/Procedure

One free page template links:

Check list

• Selected template
• Font type and size (depend on the chosen template)
• Color of background
• Picture size and Number is depend on the selected template


o Short Company profile, services, etc., (word Documents files)
o 5-6 Picture-depend on the template
o Contact us Information
o Company Logo
o Specific location of pictures and logo (insert Instruction)

Note; No Picture and Logo enhancement

Time frame: 24 to 48 hours or depend on Project Queuing

Job order process:

• Clients are entitle for (2) Revision after initial submission and 2 revision (no template replacement)
• Sales Consultant should have all the specific details from the client before requesting for the Job order
• Consultant will create a Job order for one free page template creation and Customer care will forward this to Technical team, this will be que to Ms. Lorie and wait for schedule
• Any comments/instructions related to the job order must be posted in the discussion (e.g. for approval, revision etc.)
Template that subject for approval should under a temporary link Example:
• Consultant should check the temporary link for comments before it turn over to the client,
• One it is done the consultant must request an email confirmation to the client for one free page template approval. If the consultants receive the approval, she will be posted a request for Upload and this is will be consider COMPLETED.