New Dedicated Server Guidelines

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1. Technical Team will receive a job order from Customer Care.

2. Once received, the technical person in-charge should monitor Server Beach’s ticket center for the provisioning of server.

3. After the provisioning, Server Beach will now send the credentials to our ticket portal. **There is a 24hour SLA for ordering a new server.

4. The technical person in-charge will now follow all guidelines to harden the new Linux/Windows Server and install all basic services and applications.

a. \\orion\data\technical support\manuals-for-sorting\hardening

5. After doing the hardening, prepare the welcome letter and can be found below:

a. \\orion\data\technical support\forms\welcome letter

6. Send the welcome letter to our client through a text attachment and CC the consultant assigned on the account and BCC your email account. Use in sending Welcome Letters.

7. Then inform the Technical Manager that the server hardening is complete.

8. Technical Manager will respond, “Job Order completed”