Needs Analysis Guide Questions: Business

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Needs Analysis Guide Questions: Business

I. Company Background:

1. What are your company’s products or services?
2. What does your brand/company stand for in the industry?
4. Who are your current customers? What is their profile? (age, demographics)
5. Why do your current customers buy from you?
6. Who are your main competitors?
7. What is/are your competitor’s website?
8. How does the company currently market itself?
9. What are your current marketing/advertising strategies?
10. How much do you spend for marketing/advertising?

II. Computer Facility

1. What are the specifications of the computers you are using? Are they networked?
2. What are you using for Internet connection? Who is your ISP?
3. If you’re not using high-speed internet connection (DSL, Broadband), are you open to
switching to one?

III. Situational Analysis of current website (for those with existing website)

1. What is the domain name of your current website?
2. What are the objectives of current website?
3. What are the current website’s achievements (detail statistics, etc):
4. What features of the current site would you like to keep?
5. What features of the current site don't you like?
6. Do you get business inquiries through your current website? How many? How often?
7. Which products or pages are most popular?
8. What feedback have you had about the site?
9. Who developed your current website?
10. How much did you pay for the construction of your existing website?

IV. Exploring Organizational Use of the Website

A. Corporate Marketing/Brand Building

1. Would your company benefit from having its corporate information readily
available online: Profile, Mission Vision, Board of Directors, client list,
2. Would you like your office location sketch be online for your clients to see?
3. Do you have many branches across the country?

B. Product/Service Marketing

1. How many products do you have? How often do they change?
2. What are the different categories of your products?
3. Would it help if you can show your products online for your customers or
distributors to see?
4. Would you like to highlight certain products in your website? What are they? How
would you like to highlight them?
5. Do you regularly distribute brochures to your clients?
6. Will you provide a sample portfolio of your work online? If yes, how?

C. Sales

1. Does your customer use the internet? Would you like to receive inquiries from
them online?
2. Are you open to getting overseas clients?
3. Would you like to create an online store where clients can shop through your

D. Customer Support

1. What customer support function does your company do? (Answer inquiries? Give
technical support on products?)
2. Does your client have many frequently-asked-questions which they ask over and
over again?
3. Would you like to build a database of your customers so that you can keep track of them?

E. Human Resource

1. Would you like to post job vacancies online?

F. Accounting

1. Would you like to be able to have billing statements, accounting statements
available for viewing online for your customers, suppliers?
2. Would you like to get collections through you website?

G. Communication

1. Do you have any periodic announcements, events or promotions that you would
need to disseminate to your customers or suppliers?
2. Would you like to conduct surveys to get the opinion of your customers?

H. General Questions/Miscellaneous

1. What aspects of your business operations are time consuming or costly to do?
2. Do you often to Audio Visual Presentation to your clients?
3. Does your competitor’s website have any feature that you would like to have for
4. How much is your budget for the new website?
5. When would you like to launch your new website?
6. Can you describe to me your company’s organization structure? Who makes the
final decisions for this project?

V. Website Marketing

1. How do you intend to market your website? How do you intend to let people know that
your website exists?

2. Is your current website listed in search engines? What search engines? What
keywords? What’s their ranking?

VI. Situational Analysis of current domain, hosting and email usage

1. What is the domain name of your current website?
2. Who is the current registrar of your domain name?
3. Who is hosting your current site? How much are you paying for it?
4. What is the platform of your current hosting?
5. How much web space and bandwidth is allocated in your hosting?
6. Do you have your own company email account?
7. How many email accounts can you have with your hosting?
8. Do you have a control panel to add email accounts by yourself and monitor your disk
9. Do you have a web traffic report to check how many people are visiting your website
10. How’s the technical of your current hosting? Customer support?