Inquiry Process(Valid/Invalid)

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For email/online inquiries:

1. If the details in the inquiry form are vague. The information provided was incomplete and somewhat unidentifiable. This is considered INVALID.

2. If the need/requirements of the client are clearly stated in the email/online form but we do not cater the service, this is considered VALID. Counter offer and gather information from the client why he chose to avail of that particular service that we don't have. Consider sending a proposal for future reference.

3. If the needs/requirements of the client are NOT clearly stated in the email/online form,and was only disclosed during your call, this is considered VALID. Whether the client will avail or not of our services, still we had given the opportunity to get to know them. Consider sending a proposal for future reference.

4. If the sales inquiry was queued and suddenly the client found another provider during the time he/she inquired from us, this is still VALID. Attend the client politely and take the opportunity of thanking him/her for considering us as one of his/her options. You can still send our proposal for future reference.

5. If the sales inquiry is from an outsource client, this is considered VALID. Whether the client stated his/her full information or not, but seems interested with our services, attend the client by politely communicating via email. Ask their complete information and actual requirements prior asking for quotation.

For phone inquiries:

1. Number one(1) to five (5) in the above is also applicable.

2. Phone inquiries are easier to verify than email/online inquiries.

Take note that NOT all sales inquiries to be queued are workable and/or closable . Sales inquiries are queued to attend the potential client's questions and to see if we can provide them the solutions they need. They may or may not avail of our services but still the client open their doors to us and gave us the chance to introduce the services that we provide.


Things to remember before transferring an Inquiry to consultants

1. Gather data

2. Verify if the data given are correct

3. Check on Vtiger and General Master list

Golden Rule:

If found that there are record on Vtiger ,automatically no need to que the inquiry to consultant, just transfer the details to the assigned consultant.

Other Scenario:

a. If there are no input on Vtiger but has input on our general masterlist file , you have the right to reque it to other consultant.

b. If there are input on Vtiger but no record on our general masterlist, the inquiry will still fall to the assigned consultant indicated on Vtiger.

c. If there are record both on Vtiger and general Masterlist you have to check the activity history if there are progress on the inquiry. If none and the date are beyond 3 months , you have to ask the consultant if they are able to send proposal, If not then you have the right to reque it to other consultant. Otherwise, the inquiry will still handle by the assigned consultant.