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1. With leadership sense (check the applicants' school participation and/or previous work experience

A. The applicant must be actively engaged in different school activities whereas he/she led a project or group of people.

B. The applicant has seen potential to be in charge of something from previous work whereas, he/she has to take charge while the manager/supervisor is not around.

2. Pleasant working attitude (check the applicants' attendance/punctuality from previous work, how he deal with work pressure, cite an instance - based on real situation and not theoretical)

A. How early he/she go to work, how frequent she make absences, reason for absences,how he/she manage her time going to work to avoid late.

- The applicant must be responsible enough not to reason out personal matters at all times leaving her job as least priority. We mean business here, therefore; personal matters must be put aside except for emergency situations.

B. Perspective on what's important and ugent, how he/she manage mutiple tasks and close deadlines.

- The applicant must be professional enough to prioritize the tasks given by his/her superior and is willing to render overtime with or without pay just to finish the given tasks.

3. Ask what motivates the applicant to perform well in his/her craft. Is it money/rewards, position/promotion, by just being a team player or team lead or he/she prefer working alone. (family-related reasons are not sufficient since we all work for our family,that's already given)

A. An applicant who is after money/reward for every good work he/she has done, will not last and would easily be disengaged when said reward is not given.

B. An applicant who aims to level up or be promoted is all right.

C. An applicant who prefer working alone, is not an option because we need people who are interactive. Even our designers and programmers need to be people-oriented and willing to work in a team.

4. Good communication skills (check how he/she express her thoughts and not just by fluency in speaking different languages).

A. Knows how to collaborate, cooperate and coordinate.

B. Speaks his/her mind proactively.

C. Able to express her thoughts both oral and written.

5. Resourcefulness

A. Knows how to formulate and find ways to solve a problem

B. Able to suggest ideas for improvement

C. Cost-efficient



1. The font-style to be use is Times New Roman

2. Ideal font-size is 12.

3. The paper to be used is only Short or A4.

4. Margins should be set to “Normal” mode.

5. The memo should be written in a fully-blocked manner and the standard template should be use.

6. Assignatories are: Human Resource Department, Operations Manager and CEO, the Conforme a cc to the respected team leaders should be noted. Remember that the last to sign in the is the CEO, the employee has to accept it first and signed it before forwarding to the president.

7. A GREEN or RED ticket is attached to the memo.

8. There are two kinds of Memo: For Bad Sales, we are issuing a “Show Cause Memo” (issued quarterly), for Good Sales, we are issuing a “Letter of Appreciation” (issued monthly). Their templates are to be found at these links:

a. \\orion\Data Files\human resource\Documents\Company memo (Restricted)

b. \\orion\Data Files\human resource\Documents\Company memo (Restricted)\Good Sales

c. \\orion\Data Files\human resource\Documents\Company memo (Restricted)\Bad Sales

• Note: A show-cause memo is also issued for those who violated some of the company rules and regulations.

9. For those who were able to meet their sales target, the company may issue a rice subsidy reward. A form should be accomplished for that.

Link: \\orion\Data Files\human resource\Documents\Company memo (Restricted)\Rice Subsidy

10. Upon issuance, it should be directed to the team leader so that he/ she would discuss this to his/her subordinate.
Always remember to put it in the Confidential (Personnel Action Report) Folder.

11. Take note that the memo, should not be in the hands of the subjected employee for 24 hours upon issuance.

12. For memos intended for everyone; like office memos, it should be emailed at these recipients:,, cc at

13. For example of memorandums, follow this link: \\orion\Data Files\human resource\Documents\Company memo (Restricted)


For documents to be sent thru emails especially if to Ms. Gladys and Sir Ryan, be guided by the following:

1. (for all kinds of non-cash, trade and non-trade requests)

2. (for different reports needed by President and Managing Director)

3. (for online transfer requests)

4. (for project costing approval requests)

5. (for Ms. Gladys’ approval)

6. (for requests with approval from Ms. Gladys directly)


Music Playing Guidelines

“Listening to music in the workplace makes for happier employees”

Playing music at work could increase productivity and lead to a happier and more motivated workforce, according to some academic studies. Richard McGregor, Professor of Music, believes the right level of background music can make the day seem shorter, keep spirits high and reduce the number of stressful situations that can occur. However, choosing the wrong type of music can cause office arguments and lead to more problems than it was intended to solve.

So let us be guided by the following rules so that everyone can enjoy their work in the office:

1. Playing of music using the workstation, laptops, MP3 player, mobile phone and the likes is prohibited during office hours (8:30am to 12:00nn and 1:00pm to 5:30pm, M-F, and 8:30am to 12:00 SAT). Likewise, the use of headphones or earphones to listen to music is not allowed.

2. Only team members of the web production team are allowed to listen to music stored in their workstation. They will have to use headphones.

3. On the other hand, piped-in music is provided for everyone to enjoy during office hours.

4. A music server is setup and only the tech support personnel have accessed to it. The songs should be in mp3 format and are stored in the following folders:

a. {music server}\data\music\weekdays - for weekdays songs

b. {music server}\data\music\weekends - for weekends songs

c. {music server}\data\music\lyrics - for lyrics

5. The songs & lyrics should be organized in the following format:

a.\weekdays\artist\album\{list of songs.mp3}

b. ..lyrics\{artist-title.txt}

6. From Mondays through Fridays, from 8am to 6pm, the Sound Amplifier will be turned on. It will be turned off after 6:00pm. Only slow and easy listening music under the category of NEW AGE, JAZZ & MELODY are allowed to be played. The songs can be in any language. The play mode is set to SHUFFLE.

7. Songs that are to be included in the playlist must be reviewed & approved first by “music supervisor” before it can be uploaded. Each team member is only allowed a certain number of songs in the playlist.

8. The songs are to be played at a certain volume only. Remember, the music serves as a BACKGROUND MUSIC ONLY. Thus, it should be played in a low volume, just enough for everyone to here the lyrics without distracting a person engaging in a conversation.

9. On Saturdays, from 8am to 12nn, the Sound Amplifier will be turned on and ANY TYPE OF MUSIC can be played during this time. A separate music folder and playlist will be created to store these mp3 files. The play mode is set to SHUFFLE and the volume can be set a notch higher than usual. Again, each one will be allowed to upload (through the tech support) a certain number of songs only.

10. If the use of the music server is frequently being abused (like restricted songs being played and volume is turned up beyond the allowed level), the privilege to listen to piped-in music can be taken away. So please observe the rules being set forth.


In using the Sign Up form:

- A request must be emailed by the Team Leader to HR. HR must then forward the Technical Requirements to Tech Support Team.

- The Team Leader will input the information for the Newly hired.

- HR will forward the Request to Tech.

- Once done Tech will email back the requisition to HR and to requesting team.

- Deployment will be done once go signal is approved by HR and Team Leader.


Maternity benefit is given to a female SSS member for the first four deliveries/miscarriages if she has at least 3 monthly contributions within the 12-month period prior to the semester of child delivery.

If the female member has satisfied the above requirements, she can apply for maternity benefit with the following:

Maternity Notification (should be filed to member's servicing SSS branch at least 60 days from the date of conception with proof of pregnancy);

1. Properly accomplished maternity reimbursement form;

2. Proof of payment from employer (if employed) or certification from the company regarding non-advancement of benefit (if separated from employment prior to child delivery) as the case may be including separation paper;

3. Certified true copy of the child’s birth certificate;

4. Hospital record/abstract; and

5. SSS ID card or E-6 stub

Other documents may still be required by the SSS upon processing of claim filed. You can log on to our web site for detailed information including computation of maternity benefit, downloadable application form, online verification and other SSS related matters. Maternity notification can also be submitted online at “My.SSS” link



1. Submit a duly accomplished form (CLD-9A)

2. Medical Certificate coming from the attending physician

3. Authorization Letter


Thru Representative:

1. Accomplish Loan Application Form

2. Photocopy of 2 valid ID's

3. Authorization letter

Note: Loan Processing will take 2 weeks and it will be sent to the office.


Thru Representative:

1. Submit duly accomplished Form (MPLAF, HQP-SLF-001)

2. Copy of 2 latest Payslip

3. Photocopy of 2 valid ID's

4. Copy of Online Registration

5. Copy of Enrollment in Citibank or Landbank

3. Authorization letter

Note: For employees who have no copy of their online registration, they may get it at the 2nd floor of the building.


1. Processing time will be every Wednesday of the week; submitting of all the needed requirements will be every Monday only.

2. For those papers who was rejected by government agencies for the reason of the lack of documents and other requirements, follow-up by the HR will be the following week, Wednesday.

3. A notice will be given by the HR if she can't process the documents because of other HR Related matters or she is on leave, absent or sick.


(For newly hired without TIN Number)

1. Submit a BIR form 1902 to be submitted to BIR.

2. BIR will give the a BIR Number and a slip when can you get your ID

(For updates/ change of RDO for employees with existing TIN Number)

1. Accomplish BIR form 1905 to be submitted to BIR.

2. Submit to BIR and wait for the advise on when can you get the TIN ID's.


For Operations Manager

1. Team leaders

2. CEO/President

For team leaders/Officers

1. Co-team leaders

2. Team members

3. Operations Manager

For Technical Support Team

1. Co-team members

2. Team leaders

3. Customer facing employees (customer care and sales)

4. Operations Manager

For Sales Consultants

1. Sales Team leader only

2. Co-team members of department

3. Operations Manager

For Production Team Members

1. Co-team member

2. Team leaders (webfocus sales and production)

3. Web consultants and project coordinator

4. Operations manager

For Customer Care

1. Team leaders

2. Co-team members

3. Tech support team

4. Sales team

Other Team/Employees not stated above (Admin and Staff)

1. Team leader only

2. Operations Manager


Hiring Flow Chart.jpg


Below are the two weeks training schedule provided for the newly hired Sales:

Day 1: Company Orientation (History, Policies and Practices)

HR Manager/ Assistant

Day 2: WebFocus Introduction

WebFocus Sales Manager

Servobox Introduction

Servobox Sales Manager

Day 3: Technical Awareness

Techincal Support

Day 4: Sales - Admin Procedure

Sales Manager

Day 5: Presentation Skills

Sales Manager

Day 6: Meeting / Film Showing

Day 7: Negotiation Skills and hands on call-outs

Sales Manager

Day 8: Telemarketing and Hands on call-outs

Sales Manager

Day 9: Problem Solving in Selling

Sales Manager

Day 10: Exam and Turn over to her table

Sales Manager

Day 11: O.B with Seniors

Day 12: Meeting / Film Showing



Maximum Benefit Limit: Php. 60, 000.00 (per illness)

Room and Board: Ward



- No cash-out confinement (with maximum limit of 60,000 per illness) in any accredited hospitals nationwide (please refer to your handbooks)

Inpatient Benefits:

- Philhealth required

- Room and board accommodation up to the limit of the Plan

- General Nursing Services

- Services of Physicians, Specialists, Surgeon and Anaesthesiologist

- Blood Transfusions

- Use of Operating/ Recovery Room

- Chemotherapy, Radiology Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Dialysis and other Pre-existing illnesses

- ICU Confinements

- May opt to be confined in a non-accredited hospital; coverage will be on a reimbursement basis

Outpatient Benefit:

- Unlimited Number of Medical Consultations and Follow-up Consultations including referral to accredited specialists

- Administration of Vaccines (except the cost of vaccine)

- Prescribed laboratory/ diagnostic examinations

- Emergency treatment and minor surgeries not requiring confinement

- Emergency (first) dose of anti-rabies, anti-venom and/or anti-tetanus administered within the first 24 hours of consultation.

- May opt to have the consultation in a non-accredited clinic/ hospital; coverage will be on a reimbursement basis.

Emergency Care:

- Emergency ambulance service expense is reimbursable up to Php. 5,000.00 (1 incident per policy year)


- Life Insurance- due to natural cause : Php. 25, 000.00

- Life Insurance- due to accident  : Php. 50,000.00


(For consultation to non-accredited clinics and hospitals)

1. Upon consultation, bring with you the Out-Patient Claim Form, this form is to be requested to the HR for issuance.

2. The form will be accomplished by your attending physician and it must contain his license number

3. Remember to attach the receipt of your payment during the consultation. After all the requirements are accomplished, submit it immediately to the HR.

4. Reimbursement is up to Php. 300.00 for each consultation as stipulated by Asian Life.

(For confinement to non-accredited clinics and hospitals)

1. Upon Confinement, fill-up the Hospitalization Claim Form, this will also be requested to the HR

2. The form will be accomplished by your attending physician and it must contain his license number

3. Ask for other medical documents such as official receipts, medical certification, prescriptions and medical results

4. Submit them to the HR upon resuming to work


1. Request Utilization Report from Ms. Jeremy of Asianlife.

2. Request for a Renewal Proposal. Take note that ideal increase in premium is at least 8%. Negotiate with the premium rate.

3. Since this will be our 4th Renewal, negotiate them to upgrade some benefit/ inclusions (example: from ward to semi-private, etc.)

4. Create an ALGA Listing of those who are to be enrolled in Asianlife.

5. Qualified employees are those who have 6 months tenure.

6. Enrollment of dependents will only be possible on the Renewal date (every April 21st of the year)

7. Make sure to submit the ALGA list to Ms. Jeremy at least 2 weeks before April 21.

8. In case that we cannot issue payment, request for Letter of Guarantee (LOG); this letter will be obtain from Asianlife. Sir Ryan will have to sign the LOG.

9. If there are still no cards available, request a certificate of renewal from Ms. Jeremy and distribute these to all the employees.


1. Before processing Sanitary permit, APE Results should be obtain.

2. Ask Ms. Jeremy to Schedule us for our APE.

3. APE provider will conduct an ocular and will be the one to determine the process.

4. A letter from the Admin should be presented in order for them allow us to use electricity to conduct X-ray.

5. For Parking lot of the X-Ray Mobile Van, obtain permission from OCAI and San Antonio Municipal Hall. Ask money from accounting


1. Complete all the requirements.

a. Sanitary Permit from previous year (Original & photocopy)

b. X-ray and drug test result – all normal findings and negative in drug result (Original & photocopy) for 25 employee or number of employee who are directly pay by WSI preferably regular or probationary status.

c. Business Permits and OR (Original & photocopy)

d. For renewal of health permit, bring I.D for validation of renewal.

e. For new, soft copy of I.D (300 resolution & 2x2 size) and complete address (It will be request to Mr. Olivet Vivas) and store in to CD

f. Money for Validation fee (50 pesos each)

2. After completion of requirements will go to municipal of Pasig.

3. Go to validation office, to validate the x-ray and drug result – (bring ballpen) and to cashier for payment of validation (50 pesos each employee)

4. After the validation, the municipal doctor will carefully check and certify all the x-ray and drug test result. The photocopy of X-ray and drug test will submit to them.

5. Sanitary permit office is the last station. You will submit the original x-ray & drug result with certify of municipal doctor, OR (official receipt) of validation fee, CD with picture of new employee, Original & photocopy of Sanitary and business permit.

6. Sanitary office will give small paper indicate the date were you able to get the original sanitary permit.

7. Renewal should be done on the month of April to avoid penalty.