Guidelines in offering added value services

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Guidelines in offering added value services or add ons,

Who is Protect/Domain Privacy:

Privacy Protection hides your personal information from public view. Without privacy protection, your physical address, phone number, email address, and other personal information are accessible to anyone on the internet.

How to offer: it is mandatory included to all of your hosting and domain quotation
For Country Level Domain: Php2, 400/2 years
For Top Level Domain: Php1, 200/2 years

• Domain and Who is protect should have the same year of registration
• Special domain and educational domain is not included

Job Order

Kindly Include who is protect to this domain name

Sample of domain with who is protect

Site Lock – SiteLock is cloud-based security software that protects your website from Malware and other malicious threats. In short, SiteLock does three things; find, fix and prevent. The software runs a number of scans across your site to find possible security breaches.
Site locks Price- Php10, 860.00/year
How can this benefit my business?
SiteLock will help protect your website and your visitors from harmful traffic. By scanning your website, SiteLock can find and target Malware and other threats before they can have an impact on your site.
If a hacker gains access to your website or server they could seriously damage your site, obtain passwords, the credit card numbers of your customers as well as other personal customer data. What’s more they could hijack and host illegitimate content on your website!
Sample website with site lock

Job Order:
Kindly register create site lock for this website under the domain name
(FTP Credentials will be needed if it is not hosted to us)
Thank you

How to Offer:

You can offer Sitelock to all clients who have a website none/develope by Webfocus

You can introduce sitelock specialy to those company who particular to there website