Guidelines in offering Sales Upgraded Package

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Guidelines in offering Sales Upgraded Package

1. Upgraded Package can be the following
Basic to Ecommerce
Ecommerce to Corporate
2. Package name and Price remains as it is. if the client avail Basic Upgraded Package to Ecommerce the package name and price will be the same (recommended to offer in a client who avail 2 year hosting subscription with no discount)
3. Specification upgraded Process
Basic upgraded to ecommerce

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3 GB Disk space 3GB Disk space Total Disk 6GB
45Bandwidth 45GB Bandwidth Total Bandwidth 90GB
FTP Quota 3GB 3 GB FTP Quotas Total FTP 6GB

4. Email and mail box quota is not included to the upgraded
5. Upgraded specs is noted to the quotation as Ad on
6. Contract revision will only add the additional ad on under hosting features

Job-order Content


Kindly host this client under Linux Basic with Upgraded specs
Additional 3GB Disk space, 45GB Monthly Bandwidth and 3GB FTP Quotas

Thank you