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Request in Creating Statement of Accounts (SOA)
• Consultants must provide correct and complete details such as; company name, contact person/s, address, proposed services including the amount offered and discounts/freebie.

Collection Schedules
• As much as possible we encourage direct deposit payment.
• Collection schedules must be sent through our portal a day before so that we'll have enough time to arrange our collector's schedule.
• If there will be other instructions or other requirements needed, kindly specify it in your request.
• For urgent collections, kindly confirm first the current schedules before making a commitment to your client.
• Delivery/Pick up of contract, cd or other non-related payment schedules will be our next priority.

Official Receipts
• Consultants must request official receipt a day before their collection schedules.
• A log sheet is provided where consultant must write the date of request, name, company name, OR# & signature.
• For unexpected collections and Sir Mark already left the office, consultants will issue provisional receipt. Consultants must inform the client that we will issue their official receipt once check has been cleared in our bank.
• Corresponding Official Receipt will be delivered via courier or post mail. For nearby clients, Sir Mark will be the one to deliver.
TIN# and address of our clients including tax computations must be written on the OR.
• If there are tax deductions, please request corresponding copy of the BIR form (2306/2307) from the client. If clients are VAT exempted, kindly secure copy of their certificate.
• For unused OR/PR, consultants must return it after 1 day to avoid lost copy.

Provisional Receipts
• This is issued for post-dated checks.

Submission of Payments
• Collected payments together with the signed contract or conforme must be turned over to Billing Department as early as possible for validation.
• Signed contracts must be in legal size. Don't forget to attach the web hosting form on top of the hosting contract.
• Sales Managers must check that the contract is filled with correct details and authorized signatures are visible.
• There should be one company name per account (Contract, Official receipt, H-sphere & Vtiger).
• O.R (yellow copy) must have the same details as the original copy. It is a must that consultants must recall the receipt number to prevent confusion when issuing two or more receipts.
• For direct deposit payments and client cannot provide a copy, you may ask Ma'am Vi's help to check if a certain amount was transferred to Webfocus' bank account. Just provide the date, branch & amount and let her validate the payment.
Payments without signed contract or conforme = NO SALES (unless Sales Managers provide approved email from the Management which states that the payment received will be included in the current sales).

Account History in Vtiger
• All paid lead accounts must be converted to regular account.
• All received payments will be posted in Vtiger for reference.

SOP on SALES & COLLECTION CUT-OFF (set by Ma’am Gladys)
• Cut off is always the 1st working day of the following month.
• All collections that will be deposited on the day of the cut off are considered SALES of the preceding month.
• If the last day of the month falls on a Friday, holiday, weekend, cut off will be on the next working day of the following month. All collections that will be deposited on the day of the cut off are considered SALES of the preceding month.
• If the Sales cut off falls on a Friday, all collections that will be deposited and picked up are considered SALES of the preceding month.
• To consider as Sales, check payments deposited on the cut off day must be dated on the preceding month.
• If there are changes on the Cut off policy, everyone will be informed immediately.