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Shared and Email

1. What is Webhosting?
2. What is Shared Hosting?
3. What is Bandwidth?
4. What is web Space?
5. What is Mailbox quota?
6. What is the meaning of Shared within allocated resources?
7. What is the Meaning of FTP?
8. What is FTP sub account?
9. What is POP3?
10. What is IMAP?
11. What is SMTP?
12. What causes a mailbox to become over quota?
13. What happens when my mailbox is over quota?
14. How do I keep my mailbox below quota?
15. What will be happen if you reach your Bandwidth?
16. What is Mailer Demon?
17. What is Spam Assassin?
18. What is Email forwarding?
19. What is Email Aliases?
20. What is Mail Blasting?
21. What is the purpose of Catch all?
22. What is the Standard port for outgoing?
23. What is the standard port Incoming?


24. What is Domain name?
25. What is Domain Pointing?
26. What is Domain Transfer?
27. What is DNS Configuration?
28. What is the Meaning of DNS?
29. What is Domain Aliases?
30. What is Sub Domain?
31. What happen to the Top Level Domain when it expired?
32. How long it will take for the Domain to be propagated?
33. What is DNS Propagation?
34. What is the requirement’s for Domain Transfer?
35. How do I check if my domain DNS is propagated?
36. What will you do if the client can’t provide the Domain credentials?


37. What is SSL certificate?
38. What is the Purpose of SSL?
39. How’s SSL works?
40. What is Error 503
41 What is Error 404
42. Other Website/Server Error Code

Add Ons

43. What is Site-Lock
44. What is Whois Protect
45. What is Google analytic
46. What is IP Address

Dedicated Server

47. What is Dedicated Server?
48. What is Server Type
49. What is bandwidth
50. What is Operating system
51. What is Processor
52. What is Ram
53. What is IP Address
54. What is Nic Card
55. What is Network Down time?
56. What is Service Down time?
57. What is the Meaning of VPS?
58. What is Cloud Hosting?
59. What is Co- location?
60. What is Exchange Server?
61. What is Root Access?
62. What is our Mail Server?
63. What is the time line for Dedicated Server?
64. Can we upgrade the hard drive?
65. Response Time for Dedicated Server Concern?
66. How long it will take for Server Migration?