Duties and Responsibilities

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I. Research new market opportunities and strategies
a. Map out potential customers & competitors, determine unmet needs and market structure (channels).
b. Contact and conduct initial follow-ups on sales prospects
c. Research on our competitors, their pricing, promos, marketing activities, etc.
d. Coordinate with our marketing, sales, and technical groups to facilitate marketing functions (i.e. brochures, trade shows, etc.)
e. Provide status reports to management on overall sales and marketing activities
f. Support staff in assigned project based work, including but not limited to:
*Develop procedures for contacting and qualifying leads
*Develop procedures for updating prospect information
*Develop procedures for competitive research and analysis
g. Researching and purchasing of target advertising in all media for niche markets
h. Correspondence to prospects and clients and prospects
i. Coordination of development of marketing pieces for print, internet, television and radio
j. Preparation of sales proposals from information gathered in fact finder
k. Development of pricing structures and payment options
l. Assisting with trade show and event planning, creating or updating presentation software files.
m. Tracking budgets and expenses, and communicating with external creative service providers.
n. Develop procedures for E-Marketing/Internet marketing services for clients

II. PR Work
a. Offer WebFocus/Servobox clients to come out with press releases. Webfocus will shoulder half the cost.
b. Responsible in preparing write-ups and articles both for WebFocus/Servobox.
c. Banner Exchange
-Offer Webfocus/Servobox clients to have our banners displayed in their website. In return, they will get P500 for every referral that will eventually avail of our services.

III. Partnership with Organizations
a. Offer SPECIAL web development and hosting packages for members of different organizations.
b. Networking
c. Attending meetings of organizations wherein we are members ( like PICS )
d. Affiliation/Co-branding
e. Offer affiliate programs to companies like telecoms.
For example, we can handle their web hosting for their clients.
f. Tie-up with different products in promoting our services.
For example, tie-up with NEO laptops and offer free 1st year of web hosting for every NEO laptop bought.