Domain Pointing Process

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Domain Pointing Guidelines and Procedure

1. Domain Pointing is the process of Pointing a Domain name to a Name Server

2. Domain Pointing propagation - 24 to 48 hours/Downtime

3. We usually recommend Domain Pointing Schedule during weekend (Saturday and Sunday) to avoid high email transaction.

4. Email The Client This Following Information (Client Reminder)

• Email back up –Make sure that you back up all your email using any third-party email (Outlook, Thunderbird)
• Website Back up – Make sure that you have a copy of your website
• Request an email confirmation to the client for the exact time and Date of Domain Pointing schedule.
5. Payment and Sign Contract must be provided

6. Request a Joborder for Domain registration

Example Job order:
Kindly Register This Domain Name to our server for one year

8. Request a Job order for Domain Pointing
Kindly Point This Domain name to our server for one year

9. You may check and verify if the Domain Propagated at this link

10. You may also make a test mail (emails) or check the domain in the browser for (Website)