Distribution and Computation of Commission

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1. Distribution of Commission for the Sales Consultants FROM NEW SALES

 NEW SALES are based on the following:
    signed & paid web development contracts
    up to first 3 months of paid dedicated server
    up to first 2 years of paid shared hosting & add-ons
    up to first 2 years of domain name registration
    up to first 3 months of paid Tech Support contract (DocPedro)
    and up to first 1 year paid Web Marketing maintenance products
 The above are only the NEW SALES to be recorded in the monthly NEW SALES report and the excess payment or advanced payment will be recorded under the monthly RENEWAL SALES report      in a separate breakdown to be submitted by Maricar.

2. Commission computation will be exclusive of VAT

    Sales Target             =    100,000
    Actual Sales             =    100,000
    Commission percentage    =    10%
  Commission computation will be;
    Sales collection         =    100,000
    Less 12% VAT             =    10,714.29
    NET Amount               =    89,285.71
    Incentive portion        =    8,928.57 (10%)