Dedicated Server Issue Escalation

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1. If the client calls in for a problem/issue immediately inform the concerned departments (sales consultant, customer care and technical support). **Create a ticket for the issue CC all mentioned departments

2. Now, if server is inaccessible immediately create a ticket on server beach and add the email of Sir Ryan ( on the ticket.

3. Be sure to keep track of the ticket that has been created in Server Beach through out the process.

4. If Server Beach resolved the issue make sure to get the details why it happened and immediately respond to the client’s ticket created on STEP 1 otherwise move to STEP 5.

5. If Server Beach did not resolve the issue and require a long period of downtime (OS reload, chassis swap, etc.) inform the client thru the ticket and at the same time try to reach them and inform them about the issue and let them decide how they want to proceed. Also, let them know that the rebuild process and restoration will take 24 hours to resolve.

6. Proceed to client’s option and make sure to keep track of the Server Beach ticket from time to time or if Server Beach did not respond for a ling period of time you may call them through Skype.