Customer Support Escalation Process

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To effectively manage clients ‘concern in the most convenient and efficient manner thereby having an SOP in handling clients support.
Customer Support Escalation Level:
1st Level support (FAQ/Knowledge-based)
2nd Level support (via EMAIL/HelpDesk)
3rd Level support (via PHONE)
4th Level support (Onsite visit) subject for approval

Customer Flow Chart.png

[Customer care]

All clients must get used to referring to our Knowledge-based/FAQ as 1st level support before taking the 2nd level support (via email). If the client requires an immediate assistance, take the 3rd level support (via phone) but the client must still provide the ticket number that they created in order to accommodate their phone support request. “No support ticket number, no Phone support”.

Customer care team must strictly enforce this without being offensive to the client. Whenever a client calls in, the CSR will ask if the client has already referred to our FAQ or if not, does the client created a support ticket or emailed the concern to
If Yes, the CSR can now forward the phone call to Technical team provided with support ticket number.
If No, the CSR must require the client to create a ticket immediately in order to accommodate phone support. Therefore, the SUPPORT TICKET is the client’s passport to TECHNICAL PHONE SUPPORT.

[Consultants/Sales People]

If the client directly escalated the concern to their respective consultants, the consultant must also enforce our procedure that a SUPPORT TICKET is required before the client can be accommodated through phone. But since the concern was channeled to the consultant, the consultant could send an email to or create a support ticket immediately on client’s behalf.
The consultant must cc: authorized email address of client and customer care.

“All support tickets created by or coming from the consultant and/or CSR must be recorded automatically in Vtiger.” Failure to comply will be dealt accordingly. 3/8/

[Technical support]

1st Level Support (FAQ/Knowledge-based)
The team must continually update the FAQ in order to reduce support tickets/email support. For every unique problem resolved incident, the Technical person must update the FAQ and will put his/her name as the Author.

Question: How to set up email using Mac (by Mapanao)
Answer: 1……2…..3…. with screenshot if need

2nd Level Support (via Email or Helpdesk) 1. Response time starts once the client’s email reached the support mailbox. 2. Level of priority Normal (must be resolved in less than < 3hours from the time the concern was acknowledged) Medium (must be resolved in less than < 8 hours from the time the concern was acknowledged) High (must be resolved within 24 hours from the time the concern was acknowledged)

3.Once the Technical person responded and provided resolution to the concern or the problem was already fixed, immediately send a follow up email to close the ticket. Otherwise, response time will count. -1 hour stalled, ticket closed in 48 hours- 4. Level of priority Technical Support Assignment Normal - Level I Administrators (Junior and Senior) Medium - Level I Senior Administrator Level II Junior Administrator HIGH - Level II Senior Administrator Level III Administrator IT Manager

3rd Level Support (via Phone)
1.Verify first the Support ticket number assigned to the client.
2.The client can enjoy full phone support as long as the support ticket is not yet closed. However, the client cannot directly go through the Technical local lines. Consequently, do not give your local number to the client.

4th Level Support (Onsite Support) 1. Always subject for approval and usually incur charges. 2. As much as possible this should be avoided, except if the client is really willing to pay and having a hard time fixing their issues remotely. This falls under Doc Pedro Service.