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Customer Care Department is responsible for all client related concerns governing to implement utmost services in relevance to the company’s mission and vision. Maximize satisfied clients and maintain concrete relationships with them. Aside from this, the department is also obliged to handle sales administration activities relatively domain and hosting matters and in-house accounts.

Department’s tasks are as follows:

  • In-charge of the Reception area. Provide assistance and full accommodation to incoming visitors and company guests.
  • Accepting and transferring significant phone calls to the desired department.
  • Handling customer complaints by finding ways on how to resolve issues.
  • Conduct customer care survey for the purpose of getting in touch with the client, to gather feedback on our services and to update client’s account information.
  • Response to customer’s inquiries and requests through e-mail and telephone.
  • Investigate the cause of client’s dissatisfaction and make a report on how to minimize or prevent such incidence.
  • Conduct customer service training to traditionally practice the best approach that we can give to all our clients.
  • Update contact details of existing clients both in Hsphere and Domain registrar.
  • Suspension and resumption of accounts in Hsphere supported with valid reasons.
  • Generate monthly reports on cancellations, suspensions and for deletion accounts.
  • Job Order Processing.

Web hosting

  • Creation of shared hosting accounts in Hsphere.
  • Renewal of Hosting accounts, upgrading/downgrading, change platform, trial accounts, account set-up.
  • FTP uploading/downloading (forwarded to technical).
  • Application of credits
  • Adjustment of specs and resources

Domain Registration

  • Domain Registration (TLD,CLD, Phnet domains, domains)
  • Renewal of domains, domain pointing, DNS settings, domain transfer, MX records, sending of Authorization code and giving access to client’s domain.
  • Responsible for the Refilling of accounts in Enom Inc.
  • Renewal/ processing of Rapid SSL.

In-house accounts

  • Obliged to go out for business and meet the client if necessary. But this is more on servicing rather than presentation or introduction of services that we render.
  • Creating Job order for Office accounts except for the renewal.