Code of Discipline

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To encourage and support its employees in the pursuit of excellence in individual and organizational performance, and to recognize and reward the achievement of such excellence;

To ensure or enforce compliance at all times with the Company’s standards of job performance and personal behavior;

To penalize or punish wrongdoing, violation of policies and rules, and non-compliance with the Company’s standards of job performance and personal behavior.

The Company’s primary concern, as articulated in its corporate philosophy, is “customer satisfaction for profit” and all aspects of its operations must be directed towards that goal.

Discipline is a necessary condition for achieving that goal and for the effective and efficient performance of the organization. Discipline is not a restriction of performance; rather, it is a necessary condition for performance. The administration of discipline must be firm, fair, and equitable, and in all cases must respect the dignity of the individual whose offense is being investigated and penalized.


Every employee shall ensure the maintenance of discipline of the highest standards of competence, professionalism, courtesy, punctuality, attendance, effective and efficient performance of jobs and assignments, honesty, integrity, probity, teamwork and cooperation, and all the other behavioral traits expected of a decent person. Each shall see to it that he/she shall comply with all the provisions of this Code and all other policies, rules, regulations, and guidelines promulgated by the Company.


Guidelines are hereby provided for the conduct and discipline of WebFocus Solutions, Inc. employees. These guidelines set down serious violations of the company rules and regulations that warrant disciplinary measures.




1st Offense - Verbal Warning
2nd Offense – Written Warning
3rd Offense – 3 to 5 days Suspension
4th Offense – 7 to 14 days Suspension
5th Offense - 1 Month Suspension
6th Offense - Termination

1. Habitual tardiness, minimum of six (6) times per month.

2. Taking under time, half-day, and change of time without informing first the immediate supervisor.

3. Taking break time, more than and beyond schedule.

4. Refusal to follow work schedules, taking overtime, attending meeting, and training without justifiable reason.

5. Smoking within the company premises.

6. Wilful disregard of office directives on dress code, cleanliness, safety, security or improper conduct that could destruct others in the performance of their work.

7. Unauthorized personal visitor in the working area.

8. Eating in the working area.

9. Using chat, forum, email, playing games and internet surfing for personal use during working hours.

10. Failure to record borrowed books, laptop, office equipment, phones and other company property.

11. Loafing, loitering or unauthorized leaving of post.

12. Posting of any personal status messages in MSN, Yahoo messenger, Hotmail, and corporate emails.

13. Gambling and solicitation of bets within the company premises.

14. Playing music thru headsets.

15. Creating noise that might disturb co-employees’ work such as singing and talking loud.

16. Use of fax, scanner and printing documents including burning CD for personal use, not related to the company.

17. Over staying in the office for personal surfing, playing games, and other personal agenda.

18. Unauthorized selling of goods, services or products during working hours.

19. Use of defamatory or obscene language in addressing another person.

20. Permitting or assisting any unauthorized person to enter or have access to restricted areas/cabinets, lockers, files,etc.

21. Having a passionate / sexual affair with the co-employee.

22. Engaging in sexual acts inside company premises.

23. Creating or contributing to poor housekeeping; unsanitary and/or unsafe conditions in the company.

24. Tampering fire protection equipment/devices hampering their use in case of emergency.

25. Non-compliance to company policy. I.e. Dress code, music guidelines, computer usage, area policies.




1st Offense – Written Warning
2nd Offense – 3 to 5 days Suspension
3rd Offense – 1 Week Suspension
4th Offense - 1 Month Suspension
5th Offense - Termination

1. Endangering the safety of other employees thru reckless or operation of company vehicles, equipment, tools, & machinery.

2. Destruction, damage, or loss of company property, asset, or money thru gross negligence or un-intentional fault.

3. Encouraging, or coercing others to violate the company rules and regulations.

4. Making false, malicious, & vicious statements about the company or co-employees.

5. Provoking fights or engaging fistfights within the premises of the company during work hours.

6. Threatening, intimidating, or coercing co-employees.

7. Using proton language and showing disrespect to others.

8. Discourtesy towards clients, customers, co-employee and leaders.<br.

9. Creating and contributing to unsafe working condition.

10. Insubordinate, disobedience, or clear mark disregard to follow legitimate orders of immediate supervisor or superiors.

11. Negligence, carelessness, or failure to follow company’s Standard Operating Procedure.

12. Failure to report serious and contagious disease.

13. Absent without leave (AWOL) that is, being absent without permission from immediate supervisor.

14. Falsely reporting sickness to avail leave benefit.

15. Sleeping while on duty.

16. Unsatisfactory work performance (unmet expectations based on KRA)




Outright Dismissal & Termination

1. Falsification of company records & documents.

2. Destruction, damage, or loss of any company property or asset.

3. Disclosing confidential matters & documents of the company.

4. Convincing, offering, demanding, or accepting anything of value in exchange of personal value and gains.

5. Dishonesty & other fraudulent acts.

6. Stealing & attempting to steal from the company and co-employee.

7. Any act of indecency or Immorality committed with or against co-employee.

8. Violence act committed against any person within the company premises.

9. Possession of firearms and deadly weapons while on duty within the company premises.

10. Under drugs or narcotics.

11. Reporting to work under the influence of liquor or prohibited drugs; Drinking liquor during office hours.

12. Making false, malicious, & vicious statements about the company.